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What's the word on Teo:

“Reveals a . . . mature sense of composition, swing, and improvisation.
—USA Today, ***1/2 (out of 4 stars) for “In Other Words”, GRP

“Trained as a jazzman but reared on old school hip hop . . . Avery’s music flavors jazz’s sense of purpose with hip hop’s street smarts, which in turn introduces the hip hop nation to jazz’s spirituality and prods hip hop to re-examine its current course.”
—Philadelphia Weekly

“[Avery is] elated, fearless and more liberal than you might assume.”
—Village Voice

[Avery’s] fluid attack and slightly abrasive tone combine in stirring fashion.
—Los Angeles Times

“Avery represents today’s brightest jazz.”

“Avery has flipped from neo-traditionalist jazz bop to jazz-hip hop futurist . . . Teo’s freed up his inner MC.”
—Jazz Times

“An intensity that almost jumps out of the speakers.”

“A big tenor sound with lots of range.”
—Vancouver Sun, **** (out of 4 stars) for “My Generation”

What our friends across the pond say:

“ A winner.”
—The Guardian

“Compelling . . . swaggeringly confident.”
—The Daily Telegraph

“Avery is one to watch.”

“Truly stunning.”

“Slick, tough, confident.”
—The Birmingham Post, review of “In Other Words”

“Avery manages to pull off the trick of making contradictory styles—mainstream modern jazz and rap—work together to produce a whole which is undoubtedly greater than the sum of the parts. It’s done with thought and care for detail as well as an impressive musical knowledge and instrumental ability which would shame some older,
established players.”
—Hi-Fi World

“A Remarkably confident improviser and a composer of exceptional promise.