Teodross Avery

Saxophonist, educator, intellectual, music theorist

Post Modern Trap Music–an Art film produced by Teodross Avery

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Teodross Avery is a saxophonist of the highest level and now he has returned his focus to acoustic Jazz. For the past twenty years he has assisted multi-platinum, award-winning, and critically acclaimed artists as they made their mark on the domestic and international music scene. Now, it’s his turn.

Here, on his latest album, Postmodern Trap Music, Avery enlists drum master Marvin “Bugalu” Smith (Archie Shepp, Sun Ra, Chet Baker) for an exploration in sax/drum duos.

While in the spirit of duo albums of the 1960’s and 70’s, John Coltrane’s Interstellar Space and Frank Lowe & Rashied Ali’s Duo Exchange, Avery adds his own stamp on the Deep Jazz format. He teeters on the edge of Modern Jazz and Free Jazz. The improvisations are in the moment and his compositions leave musical impressions that linger on long after the CD is over.


1. Volatility
2. Opponent Contemplation
3. Coltrane Van Halen
4. The Mystery
5. Life Or Death
6. Introduction to Post Modern Trap Music (treatise)
7. Volatility (treatise)
8. Opponent Contemplation (treatise)
9. Coltrane Van Halen (treatise)
10. The Mystery (treatise)
11. Life Or Death (treatise)